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Introduction – Objective – Strategy

    • Aligning business processes with overall strategy & flexibility to reduce overhead costs whilst extracting higher values from asset inventory
    • In2C assist clients with up to date systems recognising the best strategic selling routes in channeling inventory.
    • Multi – site & experienced multi channel operation director with proven track record in timeline facilitation
    • Strong negotiators & problem solver with a results ONLY – focused approach
    • Systems incorporates an established online auctions created from the initiation of eBay to a commercial and industrial platform working with world leaders in online software.
    • IN2C consistently generates exceptional numbers of qualified global buyers for its clients, managing the whole process throughout.
    • In2C have a strong and loyal database of buyers due to the extra care we go to in ensuring goods are described and more importantly photographed. Providing potential buyers with accurate descriptive information of inventory, together with the ‘touch & feel’ of the photographs accompanying each asset.Add into this ingredient IN2C buyer friendly logistical packages. inventory we bring to market becomes more attractive to our growing database of UK and overseas buyers.

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Know How “It is not the strongest who survive nor the most intelligent,

……………………..but the ones most responsive to change”

    • In2C bring into play strategically placed inventory, enabling each transaction being based on combining and creating the ideal environment and time allowance
    • In2C have been utilizing these processes for the best part of ten years with algorithm exclusive to ourselves based on product and specific markets.
    • In2C creates a template and formula, tailored to clients needs, incorporating an immediate solution provider. 
    • In2C proudly and continually find strategic routes to market in order to control value of return, sellers brand sensitivity, combined with logistical cost effective answers. Our retained clients include Harrods on managing end of line high value inventory and warehouse costs, Starwood that include luxury ‘W’ & Sheraton Hotels and resorts, Burger & Lobster, Goodman’s Restaurants and EY’s Administration, Turnaround, transaction & restructuring teams. (Please see below some of this work)


Tailored Solutions     Give to the world the best you have and the best will comeback to you”

    • UK & Global Manufacturers, Resellers and Distributors
    • UK & Global end Consumers
    • UK & Overseas Retailers









Target Markets  “It is not the strongest who survive nor the most intelligent,

                                                   ……….. but the ones most responsive to change


    • Create – Saleable inventory, strategically maximizing asset values in timelines that work for our clients
    • Control – overheads and fund all related and non related costs together with a provision of an analytic overhead review
    • Managing – and overseeing site removals under health & safety requirements

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Objectives    “Create, Control, Managing”

In2C open up a well managed, flexible and cost effective inventory disposal solution from beginning to completion
Beneficial results are:

1. Liquidation of inventory into cash
2. Responsive management of disposal of excess and unused inventory
3. Reducing client fixed overheads
4. Creating a funded cost controlled outlet to manage the flow of disposal
5. Opening
up new buyer data to the client
6. Proven track record of strong revenue returns on Inventory
7. In2C are paid on a performance basis and are result driven
8. Creating immediate revenue for urgently required inventory
9. Maximizing the asset resalable values whilst creating space and brand protection

10. Weekly and monthly reporting procedures with designated team

“To be trusted is better than to be loved” Jeremy Isaacs CEO

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