in2                                  “To be Trusted is Better than to be Loved”

Take a good look at the people you place your business with.


Through various entrepreneurial investments Jeremy has 25 years experience from retail sector,property and asset management. Jeremy has been instructed by the UK’s leading restructure and turnaround specialist to utilise his extensive knowledge on strategy and in his words “‘Thinking on your feet’ approach”. Jeremy has worked on some of the UK’s largest restructures over a variety of industries, predominately retail. Diligent management and responsibility during this time in excess of 100’s of millions of pounds worth of assets. Jeremy’s integrity, ideas and rapid approach to each instruction received, large or small, ensures the client receives at all times, the best results.           Jeremy Isaacs  


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Jonathan is an experienced and entrepreneurial director, with a progressive career working for both private equity backed and public companies. His specialist skills include strategic planning, brand development, business turnaround / restructuring, multichannel development and international sourcing. Jonathan consults for leading retailers on both business development and strategic / operational planning.



The Sage’ of the company with an experience as he refers, ‘cannot be bought and has to be paid for’. Arnold is a valuable asset to our team, as quite often the best ideas today are generally nothing that different to those used a number of years ago, packaged differently, incorporating technology of today. Once on the board of The Bank of England’s think tank North West. Arnold provides great input in the direction of strategies.    Arnold Isaacs