The team have extensive experience in Supply Chain Management.


  • Negotiations and terms


  • Transportation and storage


  • Stock control
  • Forecasting


  • Terms and payments
  • Product profitability
  • Stock analysis and provisions


Based in the UK and operating as a tight team we can respond very quickly when a client or business partner requires our services.

  • A core background in retail and manufacturing with extensive experience in online and offline sales fields
  • A wide network of associates that we can call on to provide specialist support
  • Access to national low cost flexible logistic and warehousing suited to your products and circumstances

Your Company

We believe there may be areas where we can support you:

  • We can buy excess, slow moving or distressed stock
  • Increasing turnover whilst maintaining/improving margin
  • Brand protection
  • Assistance in managing stock utilising a fresh approach to existing routes
  • Cost effective removal and warehousing if required
  • Achieving a more profitable return on your assets
  • Provision of a team that can provide support and advice for large or smaller projects