Our experience and up to date systems recognise the best strategies in order to channel your brand and  inventory with large global data base of suited buyers and sellers:

  • New Product Launch and Retail Introductions
  • Distribution
  • Bespoke controlled Inventory Disposal

An established national and worldwide database of current buyers specific in your companies stocks and assets together with an end user reach out.

  • Experience in offering maximum returns within timeline
  • Shipping administration that captures your potential buyers
  • Target marketing including resourceful inclusions
  • Fees from our sales performance not for administration costs

We are trusted based on our past and present results.

  • We don’t just employ people who work in departments; we work as a team when required with Partners and Directors of associated businesses. In simple terms, this means that you have the benefit of working with actual hands-on partners/director.
  • “It is not the strongest who survive nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”
  • “To Be Trusted Is A Better Compliment Than To Be Loved”

Weekly sales reports and full diligence in stock/asset handling reduces clients own management time and cost.

  • Distributing to global primary and secondary markets, valuing integrity before our own profitability
  • An established wealth of experience in inventory management, providing solutions consistent in outperforming . Our clients enjoy higher margin returns.
  • We work with SME’s, PLC’s, Administrations and Government institutions, over the last 12 months our directors and associates have been responsible in handling stocks and assets in excess of £100 million.